RE - refers to circular princples: re-use, re-think, re-cycle. It's no use of producing a new product using new materials. We support recycle and upcycling and believe that it it on demand.

DA - да! Our sincere and positive reply to recycle and conscious approach to ourselves and world around.

These are our principles that we are following and willing to share:

Creativity meets sustainability - We believe that sustainable design can and should be functional, aesthetic and ergonomic. Сreativity is a skill that can help to reach it.

Tradition meets innovation. At Reda we don't choose between craft tradition and innovation. We combine them in our products. Craft culture is the basis of every national code, but it is technologies that enable the product to be relevant and in demand today.

Humanism speaks through objects. Which design can be identified as humanistic? The products that have a special meaning. Objects with a history of people and materials behind them. A story we are proud of and ready to share. We want our products to be purchased by people who share our approach to people. Creativity is a space where all people are equal and there are no social boundaries.

Tiles and furniture Reda are the individual style of Art Group - the arcitect bureau that realizes private and commercial projects worldwide.