Weekend Apartment

70 sq.m
Everyone desires for a place to change the mundane environment to something unfamiliar, but cozy and relaxing at the same time. Our customers, a young couple with a newborn, were in search of exactly the kind of extraordinary personal space.
Bold, blazing interior that would make it possible to get a new perspective - that is what the desirable object of their dreams was. They turned out to be unique people granting the Art Group team with unconditional trust. An artist is unlikely to write his best piece being blindfolded. Our clients understood that like nobody else and gave us unlimited freedom of action allowing to work in complete harmony, which certainly positively affected the outcome.
Year: 2016
Address: Apartment complex "Welton Park"
Type: apartment
Living space: 69 sq.m.
Ceiling hight: 2,7 m.
Number of rooms: 2
A comfortable sofa and a good TV appeared to be the only wishes. Ethnic elements of décor, Mediterranean print tile and Indonesian furniture snug the place making it vibrant but still cozy and restraint. The light background tones the entire atmosphere down making it calm and peaceful. We are in constant need of interactions with others, but there comes a moment when each of us needs a place to listen to himself, be on his own and forget about the outside world. That is why the apartment is divided into two areas: common and private. The first area includes the kitchen with a place for quick snacks, the dining room, and the living room. This is a kind of open space, which we zoned with a glass partition resembling a large French window. The living room, on its turn, is separated from the dining room by a swivel TV stand.