Apartment in the centre of Moscow. Vintage and upcycling concept
Moscow, Russia
The apartment for a couple of restaurateurs who like to travel and always bring vintage objects they buy in local markets. The owners wanted their home to be bright and spacious and reflect their personalities and passion to travel.
Year: 2019
Address: Moscow
Type: apartment
Living space: 90 sq. m.
The key idea for planning was to unit the functional zones into one space: living-room, dining-room and bedroom. We have also installed a separate bathtub into the whole concept.
Living room
We strived to create a design that will tell a story about the family, the history of their life and travels.
Vintage decision is added by upcycling objects. It is presented by a carpet made from pieces of tissues of used clothing and an interior cushion Rusalka (mermaid) produced from used LEVI's jeans and Soviet and NATO army tents.
Dinning room
We embedded Soviet vintage objects reflecting owners' childhood memories into context of their voyages. The lighting in the apartment is presented by Soviet vintage lamps of 1950-s.
Mosaic panel Lenin (1970) from Soviet engineering plant (city Vichuga) is neighbouring chinoiserie volume in the kitchen.
Two pictures of Balinese painter Pandi brought from Bali are decorating the wall under the bed.
Two side tables from right and left sides of the bed are produced by Daria's team specially for the project and are decorated with tile and broken tile left from constructions of Art Group. The print for it Daria designed herself in Russian technics Gzhel. It presents the relations of Heart and Brain, mental and spiritual processes of human's personality.
Yellow rabbit that residents the bathroom is brought from the flea market in Lille as well as two male sculptures in the living-room space.