Apartment in Taganskaya
The apartment, in the implementation of which we sought to follow the zero-waste principle. In this project, we were entrusted to implement individual interior and design solutions. In addition, almost all the furniture of the project was our millwork production.
Realisation: 2021
Adress: Moscow, Taganskaya
Type: apartment
Number of rooms: 3
Living room
A unique element of interior decoration is a plinth made of tile mosaic, which we laid out from the remains of tiles from different collections. The chest of drawers for TV is designed and made at our millwork production.
Master bedroom
Decorative panno made from tile and tile fragments
Master bathroom
Kid's room
Contemporary art as an element of edutainment. In the nursery, we painted the child's wall in the style of Banksy graffiti, and hung a Basquiat poster over his study table. The principles of modern art - to go beyond, to see beyond stereotypes - will help the child to develop mental and emotional qualities.