3D-visualisation on the first stage
The good opportunity to estimate future interior in 3D and in photographic quality before its realization. You can consider all tiny details and stylistic features as well as all color solutions.

Veteran partnership
We work directly with furniture, light and decoration factories, equipment and decoration materials manufactures. Moreover, we are the companies' dealer that's why customers of "Art Group" can expect significant savings – to 30%.
Budgetary compliance
It is good to have fantasy flight and a lot of creative ideas but we also stay focused on customers planned budget. «Art group» offers to our customers only best decoration materials, interior objects considering all wishes and possibilities.

Qualified repair brigades
Veteran experience, skillful hands, undisputed skill, and a full set of professional equipment – this is the key to successful and accurate implementation of the most daring design tasks. Everything above is about our permanent builders for whom there is no impossibilities. It is enough to compare photos of our realized projects with their 3D-visualizations. Qualified repair brigades
Development of the concept and design
Selection and purchase of materials
Technical estimation of the object
Construction and finishing works
Putting the object into operation