Year: 2018
Address: Apartment complex "Rublevo Park"
Type: apartment
Living space: 125 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 2,9 m.
Number of rooms: 3
This apartment is virtually located in the forest and the windows overlooking pine-trees. This stunning landscape and panoramic glazing give the feeling of a huge distance lying between this peaceful place and vociferous Moscow. Our customer is a young businessman-bachelor. We created the space taking into consideration his free way of life, but with the further prospect of having a family and children. This style definitely features a true men's rigor and strength, not austere minimalism but colorful eclecticism. As a result, we have got an interior that perfectly fits the lifestyle of a young businessman. Since the apartment is designed for a man, placid colors and murky shades dominate the palette. We chose veneer, marble and our unique, classy tile from the South of Italy as finishing materials. Our team is far-sighted and focused on the future, that is why we have designed a room in bright colors of pink and sky blue. This is a real cozy kingdom for both: a woman and a little girl. The apartment stands out for its vivid lighting solutions, each room has an easily illuminated area, which gives a sense of comfort and warmth to the prevailing strict style.