hotel "holst":


art-bathrooms of the common areas
On the ground floor of the Holst hotel there will be a fine dining restaurant the design of which has become a representation of our philosophy - creativity meets sustainability. Through this project we were striving to perform that interior objects and decor made from recycle or upcycling materials can be put in the line with premium lines of furniture.

WE proceed to develop the idea of "russian" style in the design doing our best to avoid cliched steps and follow a careful treatment of the craft and cultural russian traditions.

In decoration of the surfaces we used the tile REda from Gzhel collection. We used the same in the decoration of the bar chairs.

Chairs printed on the 3D printer from the recycled plastic and tile remains embedded into concrete tables and the floor cover - creativity meets sustainability.

Art bathrooms of the common areas
Many designers make the bathrooms in the hotels and restaurants the attractive points of their projects. AS for us - we used our tile prints and concept phrases.

the whole of the design: Follow imagination. Once the guest enter WC his attention will be captured by the sign Follow my imagionation. We offer the guest to follow our design as Alice followed White Rabbit into the world of wonderland.

When the guest is washing hands he will look into the mirror and see the reflection: Follow your imagintation. The sign itself is written inverted so it is possible to read it correctly only while watching into the mirror.

WE play with fruit theme in the bathrooms exploring colors matching them with fruits: roze lemons or blue bananas. WE also add sometimes signs connected with friuts. Sometimes a banana is only a banana.

Men's WC
WC or disabled people
Women's WC
Again the play with a mirror. The sign "you are magic" can be read only while through looking into the mirror. In the decoration of the bathroom we used "female" prints of the tile Reda.