hotel "holst", reception and gastro bar
Holst Boutique Hotel in Baden-Baden is located in the city center next to the Festspielhaus - the famous European venue for opera, concerts and other events.

The reception of the hotel is where the concept of Holst (canvas) starts from. A pure space, the tabula rasa of the artist, the starting point of art.

From the point of view of navigation for guests - everything starts from here. We only give the direcation - you have come to Holst!

We chose a clean space. The white wall can become a place for the future exhibition of art objects or video art.

In the center is a table design based on two rolls of canvas, complemented by an interactive panel through the interface of which guests will pass check-in and check-out. In this way we combine traditional (allegory on canvas) and modern (digital technology).

In the design of the gastrobar we develop the idea started in the reception area - the idea of Holst (canvas) itself. It's gastrobar that of all common zones should become the most attractive. It is more democratic than a haute-cuisine restaurant, its audience is wider and more diverse. To keep the attraction on a high level the space should change periodically the design.

We make it through minimalistic finishing solutions and the addition of digital history, which we integrate onto screens located on columns.

The walls, as in the reception area, are a white surface, an exhibition space without accents, which will be created here by the same video art, displayed either through a projector or through a screen.

Some pieces of furniture, for example, a sofa and a dessert table are made of 100% recycled plastic.