Townhouse "Park Avenue"

302 sq.m
The interior can talk. A person expresses oneself through furniture and décor revealing the individual character not even realizing it. How would a happy couple with children and grandchildren express themselves?
Classical architectural solutions, subtle colors and modest setting is the first thing which comes to mind. Our customers did not even think about such an unassuming project allowing us to apply the full range of ingenuity:
"Guys, don't take us as conservatives, don't mind the age and the social status! We would like to have a modern, bright, even brutal interior — exactly what you are good at".
Having received carte blanche on the creative part and wishes regarding the functional content of the townhouse, we set to work with ardor and devotion.
The customers are not planning to reside in this house permanently: spending most of their time in Almaty they acquired the townhouse as a country vacation spot and a meeting place for all three generations of the family.
It's not a secret that coziness depends directly on the comfort, so we came up with the idea of adding the dressing rooms to the bedrooms and bathrooms.
One could hardly disagree that the atmosphere of the family reunions and the space where they take place at are closely connected.
In this regard, our team organized a common space for such gatherings: kitchen-living room with a large dining area.
Year: 2016
Address: Apartment complex «Park Avenue»
Type: townhouse
Living space: 302 sq.m.
Ceiling hight: 2,9 m.
Number of rooms: 6
Open space in the new construction of the townhouse made it possible to play with zoning, allocating the territory for each generation of the family.
Interior harmoniously combines a smooth frame in European style and a spirited, rich decor.
The most admirable trait of the furniture is not only in its comfort and original design but also in its functionality. The house has found its own outstanding style, paintings of Russian artists, fabrics from exotic Africa, and splashy Uzbek ikats intertwined in a ravishing symbiosis. All paintings in the townhouse have their own significant history, as they were brought by Daria from the exhilarating antique markets, pleasing lovers of vintage interior in Spain and Italy.
Living room, kitchen, dining room
Bathroom on the 1st floor
Bedrooms and bathrooms