Apartment in RC REd side
Moscow, Russia
Customer - young girl, came for an unusual apartment interior. Among the preferences, the mistress defined concrete texture in combination with delicate pastel flowers. We combined the wishes in the color solution of the interior and designed the apartment as a background canvas of gentle combinations of soft light - gray and dusty - pink colors. Plaster finish for concrete of the wall in the living room and concrete panels in the bathroom, which we treated with special moisture-proof composition gave brutality to the project.
Year: 2019
Address: Moscow, Kurkino
Type: apartment
Area: 79 sq. m.
When selecting furniture for the living room, we chose REDA modular sofa designed by Art Group designers. Sofa consists of puffs that allows it to be transformed, if necessary, by fastening modules with belts. Removable puff covers are sewed from used LEVI's jeans.
One more living room item - REDA cabinet from Broken Art collection. This cabinet is decorated with tiles from Art Group collections, as well as tile mosaic from pieces of broken tiles left after other bureau projects. Another cabinet from Broken Art collection adorns the hall. In its decoration used tiles from the Gzhel collection.
The main task of the layout was to connect the living room and kitchen spaces, while preserving the possibility of their separation. The task was solved due to complex storage system with sliding doors with hidden mechanisms, which we designed in our own production. When designing, we took into account, among other, size of tubes and paper. For the same purpose, we have developed a desktop with the ability to place sheets without the need to twist them.
Kitchen and loggia
We combined kitchen and loggia by raising the floor level by 20 cm. Floor of loggia is lined with tiles, which is repeated by color in bathroom, and combines dusty-pink color code of apartment.
Bedroom & bathroom