Project in process
Townhouse in "Park Avenue"
248 sq.m
Creating new architectural projects, we set new tasks for ourselves every time, but one of them remains unchanged - a combination of design and functionality.
Year: 2018
Address: Townhouse in Park Avenue
Тип: townhouse
Area: 248 sq. m.
Celling hight: 2,9 m.
Number of rooms: 6
The beauty of this project lies in its simplicity. We did not use any complex materials as finishing. It was possible to convey special expressiveness with the help of furniture, part of which is made according to our own sketches.
Living room
Organically complete but spacious kitchen. Author 's tiles from Southern Italy, impart incredible warmth to the setting, and yellow ornament elements bring lemon freshness to the common palette.
We always work out the laundries carefully. Integrating them into the general context, we do not hide, but strive to beat brightly in the interior. In the bathroom we also used Art Group tiles from the Authentique collection.
Master bedroom
Master bathroom
We also used the art group tile from the Authentique collection in the master bathroom.
Guest room and workroom
Art group with special respect refers to all manifestations of creativity and innovation. We could not lose sight of the mistress, the artist for whom her personal workshop with high windows was designed for greater illumination and convenience of work.
Any hard work must be rewarded, so the customer also has her own bathroom where you can relax and gain strength for new wonderful creations. This bathroom is decorated with ART GROUP TILE from the COLORS collection.
Сabinet & sauna
Сhildren's bathroom
Kid's bathroom is decorated with Art Group tile from the Colors and Authentique collection.