Project in process
Apartment in MID
75 sq.m.
Customers have been following our Instagram creativity for several years. The apartment is small for a young couple with a child. Owners love bright colors and extraordinary solutions. The feature of the project was a master bedroom with a passing dressing room leading to a bathroom with a post-irony. Thanks to this solution, the dressing room is a buffer zone and silences sounds from the bathroom.

YEAR: 2019
ADDRESS: Moscow, apartment complex "MID"
Type: apartment
Living room and kitchen
We decorated the kitchen and dining room with Art Group tiles from the Colors collection.
From the lounge in the living room there is a locker in the kitchen with a window.
The space behind the TV panel we decorated with Art Group tiles from the Gjel collection. The dressing room did not "hide" blind walls, but chose colored glass, thus creating a transparent volume that did not steal space.
Bathroom and laundry
The bathroom is made in light tones. Tiles from Art Group POP-art and Graffiti collections.
Сhild's room
Сhild's bathroom