Project in process
Apartment on Taganka
Customers have been following our Instagram creativity for several years. The apartment is small for a young couple with a child. Owners love bright colors and extraordinary solutions. The feature of the project was a master bedroom with a passing dressing room leading to a bathroom with a post-irony. Thanks to this solution, the dressing room is a buffer zone and silences sounds from the bathroom.
Year: 2018
Address: Moscow
Type: apartment
Number of rooms: 3
Living room
The floor in the living room we laid out a with tile of Art Group from the Colors collection. Also, with tiles we decorated a bar stand, tables for TV and plinth along the perimeter. At the same time, not only whole tiles are used in decoration, but also its remains and chips: facades of furniture on kitchens and plinth represent tile mosaic.
Master bedroom
Decorative tile panel at the head of the bed - made from broken tiles. Carpet - upcycling of old clothes and jeans LEVI's.
Master bathroom
Art Group tiles of the Geometry and Colors collection were used in decoration.
teen room
Contemporary art as an element of edutainment. In the teen room, we painted Banksy's graffiti-style wall, and a Basquiat poster was hung over the desk. The principles of modern art - to go beyond the limits, to see beyond stereotypes - will help the child develop mental and emotional qualities.