"Welton Park" apartment

The project is made in the usual and common for us eclectic style. Most of the finishing works was done using tiles from the south of Italy the hand-made drawing on it in this case looks strictly, and it also creates a visual volume. The bathroom deserves our separate attention where the tile is complemented by marble slabs. Many would have doubts about the effectiveness of this combination but our experience and this example prove the opposite. The main hobby of the customer is yoga, so when we were decorating the apartment, we tried to use objects that were close to the yoga spirit. Materials are a large Indonesian panel, a parquet board that made like antique one, lots of interesting carpets and pillows, as well as groups of different chairs.
Разработка проекта: 2016
Адрес: ЖК "Велтон Парк"
Тип: квартира
Площадь: 69 кв. м.
Высота потолков: 2,7 м
Количество комнат: 2
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