Apartment in Spain

108 sq.m
The apartment is located in Rioja region, which is famous for its wineries. Our client bought an apartment in a historic building with large arched windows. The customer, Catherine, wanted to keep the aristocratic notes inherent to her "house with history". At the same time, we wanted to saturate it with new content corresponding to her taste. The aesthetics of modern eclecticism is close to Catherine, as well as to Daria Vasilkova. Searching for vintage items in antique shops and at "flea markets" also gives her an enormous pleasure. That is why they found a common language immediately and lots of Daria's ideas contributed to the impeccable interior of Catherine's apartment. The furniture is just in a class by itself. Art Group team bought it from Spanish, Italian and Dutch manufacturers. And the South Italian hand-painted tile perfectly fits the finishing - one of the recognizable traits that our studio often uses in its projects.
Year: 2016
Address: Spain
Type: apartment
Living space: 109 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 2,7 m.
Living room
Kitchen. Dining room
Bedroom. Dressing room
Guest bedroom
Guest bathroom