Townhouse Park Avenue

Our customers are family couple that usually invites children and grandchildren and during the weekend they get together. They are not going to live in their cottage all the time, they spend mostly all their time in Almata. Customers offer our design studio to feel free and not to limit ourselves. In first case we offered strict and calm interior because customers are mature adult people, so we were really surprised than they asked us to make their house more catchy and brave. This variant you can see now. The space is located in the new townhouse, so we built the walls for our own needs, leaving only "wet" zones. For each generation of the family not only a common space was created (a kitchen, living room and a large dining area) but also private bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms, as well as an office.
Разработка проекта: 2016
Адрес: КП «Парк Авеню»
Тип: таунхаус
Площадь: 302 кв. м.
Высота потолков: 2,9 м.
Количество комнат: 6