small Apartment "RED SIDE"

Year: 2018
Address: Apartment complex «RED SIDE»
Type: apartment
Living space: 115 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 2,7 m.
Number of rooms: 6
All our customers have absolutely unique personalities, each of them approaches such concepts as beauty and comfort from completely different perspectives. Some prefer astonishing, imposing solutions while others choose decent comfort and familiar design.
Owners of this apartment combine modest classics and innovative views in their preferences. Apartment of this young family took the best of the French classics: moldings, cornices and a familiar "spruce-like" parquet. Apartment's classical style advantageously contrasts contemporary accents with the help of creative furniture solutions and bright pieces of art. Children's area is especially sweet: the bedroom and the bathroom encompass warm, soft colors.
Kitchen Dining Room
Master bedroom
Master Bathroom
Children Room
Children Bathroom