Apartment complex "TECHNOPARK"

The more opportunities a person has, the harder it is to decide on the outset. The owner of this apartment is a young girl, a student. We decided to help her take a stylish and innovative start. This is her first place of living and she had no specific wishes about what it should be at the beginning of the project. That is why we have taken over the full development of the concept and offered creation of lively, airy, youth interior. We functionally divided the apartment into two areas: common and private.
The first area amounts to the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and, of particular importance, a full-fledged workplace for study.
The second area comprises the dressing room and the bedroom with audacious accessories like a golden lamp in the shape of banana. Developing the layout, we decided on a circular pattern with well-designed ergonomic routes. If you start moving from the hallway, then through the kitchen-living room and the bedroom you can get back to the starting point.
Barbie dolls purchased at the flea market in Lille became an important component of the interior concept. We did not only place them on bookshelves, but also made them an integral part of the exclusively created craft lamp.