Apartment in Residential Complex "Malaya Ordynka, 19"
Moscow, Russia
68 sq.m.
An apartment in the center of Moscow for a middle-aged couple. The layout of the apartment includes a kitchen-dining room, a living room, a master area combining a bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom, as well as a guest bathroom.
Design and realisation: 2020
Adress: Moscow, RC «Malaya Ordynka, 19»
Type: apartment
Square: 70 sq.m.

living room
In the living room we have provided a comfortable sleeping place for the son of the owners, who sometimes stays with his parents.
Dining room and kitchen
In the kitchen-dining room, we placed the cooking area in the middle, and not against the wall, thus "deploying" the one who will cook the food, facing the table and the living room. The zone itself and the hood above it represent a bright metallic volume. The dining room floor is tiled by Reda from the Geometry collection.
We organized a laundry room in the guest bathroom next to the living room. The head of the family is actively engaged in hockey - the volumetric form for this sport needs washing every time.
Master bedroom
The master zone combines a bedroom, a bathroom of the owners and a spacious dressing room located in the middle. The space organized in this way allows you to use the bathroom without fear of disturbing the sleep of the second half.
The bedroom is made in calm pastel colors. Bedside table from the WeArt 2020 collection.
Dressing room
Master bathroom