«Monteville» village

Year: 2018
Address: Apartment complex "Monteville village"
Type: townhouse
Living space: 500 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 2,9 m.

The townhouse for young creative people. The project turned out to match the owners: cheerful, dynamic, ironic. Our task was to create a house applying humor, to make it similar to an installation. For example the mannequins found their place in the guest bathroom. Can you imagine the reaction of the guests? The family has two small children. We created a big lovely game room and a room for extracurricular activities.
A bright yellow color positive energy of which is simply impossible to resist forms the basis.
We used delicate shades of pink as the basis in other rooms, picking up expressive accessories to create a color contrast. In addition to the usual common and private areas there is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi and a large dressing room in the attic. The atmosphere of the pool refreshes hot summer memories.