Architect's apartment

The main theme of the first floor, combining the kitchen and living room, was the street-art mix, vintage and upcycling. The semicircular brick wall of the living room with double height is painted with graffiti and decorated with fragments of tiles left after Art Group projects.
In the center of the living room is a REDA sofa of 5 modules. Removable covers are sewn from worn LEVI's jeans from factory drains of Italian factories and army tents of the USSR and NATO.
The huge chandelier (more than a meter in diameter) is also decorated with the remains of tiles from the GZHEL collection. From the second floor, chandeliers look like an art object.
The kitchen is decorated with Italian vintage furniture of the 60s and a dresser decorated with Gzhel collection tiles. The round AMORE panel of broken tiles on the wall completes the general concept of street-art.
On the second floor there is a bedroom and a hostess's bathroom. In contrast to the "street" format of the first floor, the concept of the second represents a mix of pop-art and philosophical and religious symbols - Indian "dream catchers," a Catholic street bas-relief, a side-tablel decorated with tiles, the print of which Daria painted in Altai.
The heart and brain, representing the intelligent and emotional in a person, are represented on tiles in the form of halves, which, when combined, create a certain ideal organ that symbolizes the harmony of reason and feelings.
The bathroom stores the hostess's travel memories. The mirror, the frame of which is made of bars of old Balinese boats, Chinese vintage vases from Lille, engravings from Spain and posters from New York - all this reflects Daria's trait - to be open to new impressions and directions.