house on the cliff
This project is imbued with a special atmosphere. We have designed it for friends. Being restaurateurs, they are travelers and party-goers by nature. They work so hard — real workaholics. But they also know how to relax! The couple like to get acquainted with new countries and when they are at home, they leave the city on weekends and arrange rocking BBQ parties for a group of friends.
And so, they decided to get their own space, one of a kind, reflecting their bona fide nature, personal mindset and attitude to life. The site where the house was going to be built appeared to be on a picturesque slope. Of course, the landscape determined the architecture of the house.
We chose the super eco-friendly style and the two-story house became an extension of the landscape, an integral part of nature.

The super eco-friendly style is minimalistic, but it is a special minimalism: not chill and technogenic, but rather comfortable, striving for natural simplicity. The cottage features two blocks perpendicularly located to each other. There is a living room with panoramic glazing on the first floor which is perfectly visible through: guests who have not yet crossed the doorstep can see the landscape on the other side of the house.
And the second floor can actually be called "minus first" as the house is located on the slope. We used only simple and laconic materials for the construction of the house: glass, concrete and, of course, wood.

The feeling of nature presence inside is enhanced by the garden which grows right the middle of the house. We designed a special glass cube in which exotic plants can grow, as in the tropics.
Now that we decided on the concept and created an architectural framework, the only thing remaining is to give the place some comfort: choose furniture, accessories and art pieces that reflect the tastes of our friends.