Project in process
Apartment in Rublevo Park
230 sq.m
Each of our projects has a certain character: in some cases, the main emphasis is on the craft furniture, and these are objects of art or unexpected frame structures which particularly stand out in others. In this project the central role is given to exclusively handmade unique products, this is where its magic and fascination are. A one of a kind atmospheric prints collection, which will be reflected in carpets, tile, mosaic, and original furniture, was developed especially for this apartment. The idea is full of astonishing ideas, one of which was to revamp the usual long corridor into an exposition of an art collection.
This apartment features a few more noteworthy solutions. For example, the wooden part of the ceiling will be mounted on the same level with the entire ceiling in the master area, and speaking about the children's room we completely abandoned the idea of detached furniture in favor of a bed podium. Mosaic in the hall and in the kitchen has its own marvelous story. Each of the four hundred tiles will be hand-painted by craftsmen in our South Italian factory. Fantasy and magic do not fade away here. Imagination affected even carpets, in the living room they replicate the pattern of the Soviet era mosaic and in the bedrooms - the landscape of an Australian plowed field from google maps. Isn't this a kind of startling connection between the past and the present?
Year: 2018
Address: Apartment complex "Rublevo Park"
Type: apartment
Living space: 230 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 2,9 m.
Number of rooms: 5
Living room. Dining room. Kitchen
Master bedroom
Bathroom & dressing room
Guest room
Dressing room & laundry