Apartment complex "Wellton Park"

Year: 2016
Address: Apartment complex "Wellton Park"
Type: apartment
Living space: 139 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 2,7 m.
Number of rooms: 3
Have you ever heard about such an issue as a clash of tastes? Our customers know firsthand what it means. The couple could not arrive at a common understanding: one side aspired to high-tech and minimalism, the other was inspired by loft and ethnics.
We have created a second to none interior that can convey the incredible eclecticism of this family. Initially, these were two apartments that customers bought to connect into one. In this regard, the designers created everything from scratch paying particular attention to the layout. As a result, we've decided to move the master bedroom, the bathroom, the office and the dressing room to a separate block.
As for the children's room, our team placed it in the opposite part of the apartment, for its owner is in an acute need of personal space for harmonious development. The most piquant and original detail in the private block is a transparent bathroom. Having magically dissolved the wall, we brought a sense of larger space and offered a little luxury - watching movies right from the bathtub. The panel on which the TV is fixed rotates and can be deployed in any direction. At the same time, the toilet and shower area are well-planned hidden. In the end, we managed to establish the desired balance of interests. Functional and technical content is responsible for high-tech in the apartment: sound insulation, Bang & Olufsen acoustics, air conditioning and ventilation systems. A separate, exclusively stylized room for yoga is in charge of ethnics. Although yoga has become part of the Western way of life over the past half century, its roots are in the East, in India. What could remind of it better than the photo with Buddhist monks dressed in kasaya? Lamps of natural tree trunks convey the true spirit of nature.