Collaboration with the artist Misha Most


What does it take for the future to take place in the diversity known to us today? 
We do not always prioritize the quality of tomorrow's life, preferring to selfishly have fun here and now. 

There are more people, natural resources and the biosphere are shrinking. To continue to live fully, a person must change his egoism and reconsider himself in the coordinate system. Consciously approach his place in the world, to other people and to what surrounds him. 

In the center of the study: man, atom, our planet, flora and fauna are elements of the world in the system of space, equally significant and co-dependent.  

Дарья Василькова: архитектор и дизайнер интерьеров. Руководитель студии Art Group и основатель бренда мебели Reda. 

Миша Мост - российский художник, работающих в разных техниках: от граффити до цифрового.