apartment on Kitay-gorod

Year: 2019
Address: Moscow, Kitay-gorod
Type: Apartment
Living space: 95 sq.m.
Ceiling height: 3 m.

There is nothing better than a fruitful synergy of two creative views. One idea complements the other imperceptibly turning into something perfectly new and unpredictable. This is exactly what happened to this apartment, because the customers are creative and immensely talented people, restaurateurs, who already have a well-established aesthetic taste. Some kind of austerity and moderation co-exist with art and modern outlook in this apartment. Floor to ceiling windows and open planning create a sensation of infinite space and inexhaustible light. This room, as well as creative thinking, does not fit into the usual framework. The atmosphere of the tropics in the living room, the view of globe shaped lamps fascinates like the movement of a caravan in a torrid desert. We decided to make a round-shaped bedroom to give it a notable comfort. It also makes one feel the privacy and distance from the chaos of the day. A special place in the interior is taken by art. Paintings by Pondi, brought from Bali, will emphasize the elegance of the whole setting. Together with the owners of the apartment we will create a craft collection of mosaics based on the work of the Indonesian artist, which will add even more grace to the unrivalled atmosphere.