Designer tile with print «Angled» Turquoise Green

The price is for 4 pcs (Set of 4 items)

"Carpet" is a collection of Reda tiles, a collaboration of designer Daria Vasilkova and illustrator Daria Rostovtseva.
“Tradition meets innovation" is one of the key messages of the Reda brand. This principle is not only about the choice of materials, but also about the approach to creating collections. Carpet is an interior item that does not go out of trends. We followed the tradition, but offered her an innovative performance.
Our carpet will not collect dust because it is ceramic. Thanks to the thoughtful design, the carpet is suitable for any space, both small and large - it can be made as a designer.
The collection will be especially relevant where it is not advisable to put carpets, but it would like to add comfort - in kitchens, country houses and cottages.

Collection: Carpet

Size: 20х20x0.8 cm