Designer tile with print «Dream #1»

The price is for 0.96 sq.m.
The minimum order is from 5 sq.m.

"Dreams" is a game of visual and conceptual, a collaboration of designer Daria Vasilkova and illustrator Daria Rostovtseva. The variety of characters and elements of fairy tales is united by a monochrome blue-and-white scale inspired by the Portuguese Azulejo technique.
The collection consists of 50 unique prints, divided into two parts: “Dream #1" and “Dream #2” - in total 2 sq.m. The consumer can choose one of the sets of “Dreams”, but not a specific print. The uniqueness of the collection lies in the fact that the tiles do not need to be specially joined together to get a solid look of a particular character. Like fragmentary elements of a dream or a memory, prints create an image where the main thing is not completeness, but mood.
The variety of elements is united by a monochrome blue and white scale inspired by the Portuguese Azulejo technique, which looks organically and effectively in the interior, emphasizing the use of tiles.

Collection: Dreams

Size: 20х20x0.8 cm