architect's apartment

It was not by accident that Daria Vasilkova discovered the Apartments at Novaya Riga.
This place was destined to become her very own secret world where she could go for a weekend to find inner balance and brand-new ideas. Adding a console floor Daria breathed new splendid life into this studio with an area of 45 square meters and six-meter ceilings.
This little architectural trick made it possible to increase the space by almost two-thirds.
The interior consists of objects that can take Daria back in time. imposing crystal chandelier for the living room bought at Maison Object reminds of Paris and antique chinoiserie cabinet in the bedroom next to the blue decorative banana leaves instantly drifts the owner into the atmosphere of fascinating exotic Asia.
By the way, Daria loves visiting Lille passionately, because of the largest annual antique fair in Europe, where Art Group acquires rare vintage and antique accessories for their forthcoming projects. Namely that is where Daria found the above-mentioned cabinet.
You can express yourself even more exquisitely with the help of genuine architectural solutions, harmonious palette of colors, and eccentric accessories than through your own appearance. Preposterous pictures, vintage lamps, warmly painted fabrics - all these reveals a portrait of the owner.
These are Istanbul, New-York and the cultural center of Bali - Ubud that run the stylish show here. Also the southern Italy at the head of this cozy extravaganza - the main unquenchable source of inspiration for Daria Vasilkova.